Welcome to TWL - Sustainable Handcrafted & Mindful Fashion


The Woven Lab is the Brainchild of Nikita Kaushik, an Alumni from NIFT , Mumbai .She launched the Label “Casa9” in 2013 as a clothing brand for the Modern woman with Indian sensibilities and post Covid the Label has been Re- branded to "The Woven Lab".

 At TWL we strongly believe in the beauty of hand weaving and hence we practice the Concept of Sustainability of the rural Artisan where we strive our best to promote and support the lesser known Textile crafts of India to carry the legacy further on. We practice conscious and mindful living where we emphasize on zero waste policy and hence every single product is handcrafted and hand woven with utmost love and care by our Craft-isans.

Women Empowerment is one of the strong pillars of our organization and hence we continuously strive to not only train more rural girls with skill development trainings but also facilitate their basic education in our own capacity.

The brand focus is on textile development along with practice of zero waste policy.

Today we are not only proud being Indian but we also celebrate the diverse cultures and traditions of our Country which are so unique in their own ways and thus clothing becomes an important aspect of our lives. Drawn to artisanal techniques we translate all of them in our work and hence each product is hand crafted with utmost love and joy.

As a brand we truly believe in transparency, impeccable quality and skilled craftsmanship and this is the legacy we aspire to carry further by next generations.

Nikita is not only passionate about her association with the Crafts Clusters of India but is equally passionate about imparting her knowledge and experience to the gen next and hence is more than happy to associate herself with different centres of NIFT where she constantly trying to bridge the gap between the digital learnings versus on the field experiences in the same arena.